Real Estate Agents; Why You Need Them

Recently i met Sam my friend whom i lost contact with for a long time. So we got discussing about Real Estate and i told him about Danis Realty Consult and how we can be of service to him or his friends, colleagues and family members.

I made mention that real estate agency is one of the services we render. And then he asked “Daniel why do i need the services of  real estate agents to help me buy a house when i can do that my self?”

You know the answer i gave to Sam? It’s exactly the same answer i will give to you now. For you to understand how i was able to turn Sam and some of his friends into a paying client.

Just ensure you read to the end.

Here is what i told Sam;

Real Estate Agents are professionals that assist you especially during sales and purchase of houses.

Cities like Abuja that is still developing with new projects and designs. And due to that, engaging an agent is important for intending buyers or sellers.

This is because the Agents are familiar with the property market and have built an updated real estate data bank. So they are well informed on latest listings, current pricing dictated by the forces of demand and supply.

Agents are familiar with development control and other government policies that might affect the subject property.

Furthermore, you need the services of Real Estate Agents for the following reasons;

Real Estate Agents smiling after closing a deal

  1. Scouting For a New Home

Assuming you want to buy a house; you can only imagine the stress you have to go through. When you have to move from one neighborhood to another searching and inspecting different houses listed for sale.

Imagine all the calls you will put through to schedule inspections and meetings. And you suspending your main business activity just to have time to run around.

The list is endless.

But with the assistance of an Agent, you wouldn’t have to go through all that stress.

All you have to do is to give the agent your brief explaining the type of house you want, the different possible locations and your budget.

The agent will do all the running around. He will carry out property inspections and schedule meetings. Also, he will inspect and then ensure that the selected properties meet your preferences.

Only then will he schedule an inspection tour with you and once you like it, he moves to the next stage.

  1. Negotiating The Sales Price

Having your budget in mind together with the already established data bank of recent sales prices. The agent negotiate with the listing  owner or their agents to ensure that you pay the best price.

The agent is an expert highly skilled  in negotiating. He was engaged in a lot of sales with regard to real estate. And constantly communicate with other agents. He is always in the field. So he is well abreast with the real estate market.

His job here is to ensure that you pay the best price for that your dream home.

  1. Saves Time and Money

If you decide to do all the inspection, scheduling of meetings, making of calls without the assistance of an agent. You will not have the time to focus on your main business(s).

Engaging an Agent gives you more time to focus on your core business while he does the search for you.

Also, engaging an agent helps you to save money. Assuming you decided to do the negotiation yourself. And because you have little or no information on the sales of comparable properties. The other agents in the field will extort more money from you than supposed.

But because you have engaged an agent especially when the agent is experienced, you will pay the best price. This will happen because the agent is aware of the prices of such properties and will negotiate for that price.

  1. Paying For Real Estate Property with The Right and Complete Documents

Considering a city like Abuja. You need to be certain on the title documents of the property you are about to buy.

Is it a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O as popularly known) or Right of Occupancy (R of O)? The title document is it from Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) or from Area Councils? Who is the first allottee; the seller or who? Was there any deed of assignment showing evidence of transfer?

Was the building design approved ab-initio by Development Control?

The Real Estate Agents are well informed of all the necessary documents that the buyer must look out for before, during and after sales.

The agents knows all the necessary questions to ask and places to seek the answers just to ensure that you are well guided.

  1. Maintaining a Fiduciary Relationship

When you engage the services of a Real Estate Agent, he is bound to keep in confidence any confidential matter discussed.

He must put your interests first and avoid conflict of interest with you at all cost.

As the Principal, the Agent must always be trustworthy and  maintain confidentiality in any matter discussed with you.

  1. Real Estate Support Services.

After purchase of your dream house, in Danis Realty Consult, our agents still provides you with extra support services.

This can be in form of property management, facilities management, property renovation and maintenance. And in the long run, we help to sale the property when the client wished to.

After explaining to Sam why he needs the services of an Agent, he decided to give us a chance by giving us a brief.

Do you know what?

He was happy he gave us a chance. And had to recommend us to his friends and they were satisfied with our services.

We want to assist you as well. Just give us a chance today.

In Danis Realty Consult, we do not do just want to close a deal. We want to build a lasting relationship with you. To earn your trust and confidence and that is why we will give you just the best.

Do you look forward to purchasing a house? Or you wish to sell one?

Engage the Services of Danis Realty Consult today and we will give you our best Agents.

Contact us today through our contact information or social media handles (Facebook) and we will be waiting to assist you.

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