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Danis Realty Consult is in existence because of you our clients. And because we are good at what we do, we are here to assist you all the way to achieving your real estate goal. We are happy when we see you reach your (real estate) goals (especially when we are part of the process).

Danis Realty Consult have assisted  her clients in time past (is still assisting) and will continue to assist her clients especially in our practice area as listed below;

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Facility Management

In Facilities Management, we deliver and sustain support services in a quality environment to meet the strategic needs of users. We ensure that buildings and their services meet the needs of its users by integrating people, place, process and technology together.

We engage in a wide range of function and support services. These include janitorial and security services; building management and maintenance; engineering services; space planning and accounting;  records management; computing, telecommunications and information systems; safety; and other support duties.

It is our job to create an environment that encourages productivity, that is safe to live & for work, that is pleasing to clients, customers and staff, as well as meet government regulating guidelines.

Real Estate Agency

As real estate agents, we maintain a fiduciary relationship of trust, loyalty and confidentiality between us and our principal (our clients) as created by contractual agreement.

We assist you to generate leads to buy, sell, and rent property (according to your aim of engaging us). We counsel you on market conditions, prices, and mortgages as well as develop a competitive market price by comparing properties using rental/sales analysis.

We develop lists of properties for either “For Sale” or “To Let” with information such as location, accommodation offer, features, square footage, etc. These properties we promote with the use of ads, listings, and open houses to reach potential buyers and renters.

We present purchase offers to sellers and facilitate negotiations between buyers and sellers with the sole aim of closing and ensuring that your goal is achieved within a short period of time.

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Property Management

In Property management we get involved in the operation, control, and oversight of commercial, industrial or residential real estate. We assist you in marketing your rental properties, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and even pursuing evictions when need be.

We always consider the fact that some tenants can be difficult to manage. So, we take proactive measures to prevent such tenants from occupying your property, we always ensure adequate tenant selection through screening of potential tenants.

During the tenant screening we also ensure that a tenant is not just capable of paying the first year rent but also being able to sustain payment of rent in the long run.

We have an in-depth knowledge of laws (both national and statewide) guiding property management in Nigeria from how to screen a tenant, handle security deposits, terminate a lease, evict a tenant, down to complying with property safety Standards.

Real Estate Consultancy

We assist you in conducting analyses on current industry (real estate) trends and possible investments, including varied financial portfolios. Whenever you are interested in a property, we evaluate its current condition and comparatives to determine its worth to tell if it is a good investment or otherwise.

We provide you with specialized financial and investment guidance. We conduct research and analysis of the property market to determine areas with increasing demand and profitability.

With our robust up-to-date knowledge of government policies and relationship with legal counsels and other consultants, we exchange information and use them to evaluate your requirements and objectives to identify your needs.

Having a clear picture of your requirements and needs, we give our professional recommendations and advice on the probable  choice of investment. 

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Danis Realty Consult is in existence with the sole aim of helping her clients make profitable real estate decisions. Contact us today let’s help you reach your real estate goal.

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